Thursday, July 4, 2013

Flash- 18 weeks- Targeting & Retrieves

So as you can (maybe) tell, I've been fucking busy.

The dogs are looking pretty mint, but we still have a ways to go.

My goal for Baer? To be under 4.0. I want a 3.9 out of this dog. A 3.8. I know she can fucking do it.

Flash- if it isn't obvious, this future flyball dog is going to FLY. Puppy Flyball training starts Monday at my captain's house- with my other teammate's puppies, a bearded collie & a staffy. I'm pumped.

Restrained Recalls- Flash- 18 weeks

Striding to the Box Work

Baer's box work- I'm not going to work on striding anymore. Just her getting up on the box & pushing off, which with the prop, is going GREAT. She looks great for the most part.

Now to do power jumping over 4 jumps for conditioning, is my next step. 3.9s, here we fucking come.