Monday, April 20, 2015

Power Jumping

Now that spring is here, we're going to start up power jumping.

This exercise is easy, fun and wears the dogs out quickly (and you too, if you're out of shape from the winter!)

Six jumps are lined up 10 feet apart, and handlers stand near the end of one side of the jumps while another person holds the dog at the opposite side. Make sure you have plenty of room to run if your dogs are on the quicker side.

This exercise conditions for endurance, strength, and quick burst speed. In my opinion it also builds tug drive.

We will do this once a week, 3 runs per dog, 3 times.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Power jumping Sunday

Had a really good power jumping session this morning, until Flash decided to start eating the interior of my car. Guess we'll be using an xpen from now on...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Infurno rapid fire - Baer, Pita, Phew, Sydney
Check us out!

Baer got a 4.0 last weekend. She's six years old. Go Biddy! 

Photo journal of the past two tournaments

New shirt I bought for $15 on the last day at the tourney - Dog & Frog is the best! 

The X-Pen is the greatest thing to ever exist. Ever. 

The lanes on the turf at the sports center in Lancaster PA.

See, X-Pens let you cuddle! 

The amazing pool at the hotel we stayed at in York. Too bad children get to play in the pool til 11pm when I need to be up at 5am. 

Flash & Pita got some titles!

Cars are boring.

And we're home =)

Spring is here!

And lots of fetch to improve our sprinting has begun :)

Getting out of bed is overrated.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our first tournament in over a year!

We had an absolutely great tournament last weekend - Flash's first tournament competing (with a full time spot no less), and Pita's first tournament running full time.

Flash impressed me with a few 3.9's, and he'll only get faster as he becomes more confident.

Baer REALLY impressed me, putting up consistent 4.1's and even a 4.0!

We have another tournament this weekend in York, PA. I'm looking forward to seeing how well the dogs do on mats vs. artificial turf. =)