Wednesday, November 28, 2012


After work I hung around til our Nosework class at 7p, it was definitely fun.

Baer gets so motivated that she's almost wreckless- comes with her personality though, I suppose. I haven't quite figured out the trick to teaching her to slow herself down. But it will come with time. (:

In class, we were putting the reward inside a cone that was laying on its side, Baer was the ONLY dog that shoved her face in the cone so hard that it got stuck. She's probably the most entertaining dog in class. Oh, and she also got her head stuck in a box while getting her reward, and then ran into a wall. She's not hurt or anything but she definitely is fun to watch. And this is one reason why I love her :D

So something funny happened to me today...

First, let me start by saying that weeks ago, there was a nice, long chuck it! at work for the retreat dogs. I have this dinky little one personally, so I enjoyed playing fetch with the longer one. Make the dog work harder. So it's cool.

One day after a particularly long session of fetch with Baer on my lunch break, I finished up and went to leave with the chuck it! over my shoulder with the ball in it. I don't know why I acted surprised when a big black thing came hurtling at me, grabbed the ball in the chuck it!, and landed.

I was still holding the chuck it! stick, and Baer was holding the ball and the scoop-part of the Chuck it!. So she broke one of the cooler things at work. Oops.

So we replaced the chuck it! one of those long scoop shaped throwing toys. It's like a chuck-it only, it requires a little more coordination sometimes than I've got.

Today, we're fetching with it and out of no where, Baer leaps into the air and grabs the ball which is sadly in the scoop. So I drop it instinctively, not wanting to break another toy, and have to start paying for them to get new ones. (My life...) So Baer does this for a while:

(Sorry it's sideways, I'm dumb in the ways of cameras sometimes.)

Was cute (:

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