Monday, March 18, 2013

Wow, it's been a couple weeks!

I got back from a Flyball tournament last night... it was extremely fun but extremely long. Added to the fact that it was so far away (5+ hour drive for me by myself) and that races took forever (less than 6 races an hour at times... it drug onnnn), it was tough at times.

And I woke up this morning with a KILLER headache that I suspect was a migraine (I've never had one before), but I couldn't keep my eyes open in the morning and my body felt heavy. So I'm just resting today, I guess being in a crowded room for 12 hours two days in a row with loud, barking dogs, and then driving home sleep deprived can do that to you.

Some memorable moments from the tournament? Well, for starters, Baer breaking out of her new soft crate during the FIRST race on Saturday, and running into the racing lanes where I was box loading. I didn't even recognize her, I just kept screaming "Who's dog is this?!" Hahaha finally my friend grabbed her, and drug her out of the lane, then a few seconds later she yells to me, "It's Baer!" LOL Oops. Found a metal crate to put her in, and she was good.

On Sunday, we ran against a team and I had an early pass with Baer- so I grabbed her and prepared to re-run her. On the LAST dog's run on the other team, they did something to fault, so I reran Baer immediately, and we won the heat. That was fun.

And on the last race of the day on Sunday, when everyone was dragging, Baer had to re-run due to an early pass (oops again) and I grabbed her to re-run her- but Baer grabbed her tug already, so she ran down the lanes with her tug in her mouth. I could only stand in the middle of the lane and shake my head, hahaha

So anyways, here's some photos (:


Boo and her friend RJ after playing in the snow.

Boo and RJ DURING playing in the snow haha

What it's all about! 

The first thing I did Saturday morning...take a picture! 


  1. Have you tried running Baer without the harness? I run Sophie in the same harness and have had multiple people recently tell me it affects her stride. I don't notice it and she seems to be just fine. But I was wondering if maybe you noticed a difference in Baer without the harness. It just makes it so much easier to hold Sophie that I don't want to stop using it LOL.

  2. Funny you mention that, one of my team mates stopped using her dog's harness because she heard it affects their striding.

    Honestly, I can't imagine using no harness. Baer is all OVER the place. If she wore nothing at all, I'd lose her in about 2 seconds. If she were wearing a collar, she'd choke to death. But I would love to try without the harness if I knew I could get away with it- to me, it makes sense that the harness would hinder the dog's free movement. Something to check out, I guess!