Sunday, March 3, 2013

Had a particularly scary moment on our hike today.

Baer got slammed into by another dog, which slammed her into a tree stump. She didn't make any noise, but she held her leg high into her body and wouldn't put any pressure on it after that.

I pretty much panicked. I felt horrible and did my best to help her the rest of the way back to the car.

Once we got home, she was putting weight on it normally but christ, did my mind wander with all the awful things it could've been.

She's still being a little hesitant to put weight on it, so she's going to be resting the next few days to make sure she's recovered.

Anyways, here's some photos from the hike today, enjoy


  1. I had something very similar happen after practice last week. I wanted to throw up. Took a few days but Sophie is back to normal. Hope Baer is too!!

  2. Baer is back to normal (: Thank you! And I'm glad to hear Sophie is okay too! Silly dogs making us worry.