Thursday, February 28, 2013

What is your dog currently eating?

Mine's been eating:

Turkey & Veggie Oma's Pride Raw Mix
Raw Green Tripe (from cows)
Turkey Hearts
Raw Eggs (Shell and all, since I get them from a local source)
Probiotic (for digestive health)

Now -

I love the Turkey & Veggie raw mix from Oma's Pride ( for a few reasons.
It's not just because the Turkey & Veggie mix received 5 stars from Dog Food Advisor (

First, it's a local business to me. Made & prepared in Avon, CT, this is about 30 minutes from my home (and it is the town where my hubby works). I like supporting local businesses. More than I like supporting huge corporations, anyway.

Second, they have a LARGE amount of raw meat in this mixture, of all types. Here is the official ingredient list: Turkey & bone, turkey necks, green beans, okra, yellow squash, turkey hearts, turkey gizzards, turkey livers
This means my dog is getting organ meat, muscle meat, and bone. Hurray!

Thirdly, there's some veggies in there, but not too much. I no longer supplement my dog's foods with vegetables, because I believe dogs need VERY little amount of fresh veggies in their diet, and this food has that small amount I'm looking for.

Fourth, I'm the type of person to be busy 24/7. Literally. I'm either at the gym, or at a random dog sport practice, or training/exercising the dog, or cramming in a book, or sometimes, even sleeping! I don't really have time to grocery shop (even though I'm working on it since I've been eating more naturally), and this is PERFECT for my schedule. I set it out to thaw- then hubby and I bag it up into separate bags, and voila. No headache for me :D


I love the Raw Green Tripe because it's a natural digestive enhancer. I know there's a debate going on about whether it's actually beneficial for dogs, but I feel like it can't hurt, and dogs LOVE the taste. When I was puppy sitting my friend's pittie and she wouldn't eat her food, I added some tripe and the dog ate ALL of it. So I like to think, it definitely at least, doesn't hurt.


Turkey Hearts are PACKED with protein. For an athletic dog like mine who needs her energy at things like tournaments and classes, it really helps to give her protein packed, energy filled treats. And she loves them yum!


Raw Eggs with shells, and I won't go into crazy detail, the whole egg balances itself out. And the shell has calcium. It can't hurt. And it helps make the dog's coat shiny and glossy.


Probiotic supplement because my dog's poos can be....bad. She has had digestive issues for much of her younger life, with diarrhea and loose stools and HUGE stools. Since she's been on probiotics, her stool has been hard, small, and compact. Works for me!

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