Thursday, February 7, 2013

Agility class- all girls, even the dogs.

One of the most adorable Aussies I've ever met

So we did some sequencing today! And oh my GOD it feels like I'm actually doing agility. Mwuahaha. 

Getting my dog to jump over hurdles in a figure 8 has never been so much fun.

We're still doing the walking-backwards-up-the-stairs thing. And she's getting better at that. AND I went to the gym today and had a decent work out even though I'm balls tired. Take that, laziness. Can't touch this!

I'm planning on doing a little training video on how to teach the dog to walk backwards up stairs. In case, you know, you want to teach your dog hind-end awareness (OR you want to laugh at your dog who can now walk backwards up stairs. Either or.)

Oh, and there's a huge snow storm coming straight for us, apparently. So I have a couple days to clean the house, watch some movies, and watch it snow. Sounds good to me :)

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