Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So pumped for Flyball practice this Sunday!

We're going to be working on Baer's box turns (I want to perfect this, her current box turn is alright but I know she could get a snappier hit on the box) and we're going to do restrained recalls with the puppy.

For conditioning for Baer, I've found that just playing fetch with a ball for hours on end has worked best for her... we've got 4 weeks before the next tourney, plentyyy of time to condition :)

I've been now starting her work out at 8am, then again around 12:30p, and then again around 5:30 (yes, centered around my work schedule :) ) we'll see how she does at the next tourney!

Also I'm pleased to announce Flash's bad-assery continues... he's such a little beast. I love him.

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