Monday, April 15, 2013

Wow, am I wicked tired.

Two tournaments in two weeks may seem like a little much, but I had such a blast that I would do it again in a heart beat. Even if it's hard to keep my eyes open today.

This past tourney, we placed first in Open 1 division. I'm very, very proud of my girl. She had to pass a new height dog (from another team), so I kept the passes wide. And Baer didn't bat an eye. She also pulled 4.3's while passing.

But I'm beginning to think she may have an actual issue with tight passes. When she had a particularly tight pass one time, instead of just running by the dog, she jumped over them. The velocity from the jump made her launch faster- and made her pass early.

It seems I always get the weird, not-so-easy to fix problems, but that's okay. Makes me a better trainer.

I'll update more later when I'm not busy/more awake. I'm also going to start posting actual blogs in my other blog, Conditioning the canine athlete :) see ya then.

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