Friday, January 10, 2014

Hooray for flyball down season!

Time for training. Repetition. Skill building. Body awareness. Conditioning. Most importantly, getting ready for the next tournament!

So I am pretty happy with how their striding work is coming. One thing is that I switched the positioning of the stride regulators for Baer, because with the regulators @ 5' and 10', she looked awkward and scrunched. I moved them to 4' and 9' and she did great, the movement was fluid, I think we found our niche.

Flash was doing wonderfully @ 5' and 10' and like a dummy, I didn't switch the regulators back to the normal positioning for him. So he ended up looking scrunched. But now I know - Baer, 4' & 9', Flash, 5' & 10'.

We're going to be practicing our striding off the box (with a solid turn) a LOT, with some distraction training for Flash mixed in on Saturdays when I practice with a friend. I can't wait til the spring when we can get back to hiking all the time, and more importantly, POWER STRIDING.

My goal is to do power striding weekly, and hiking 2-3 times a week.

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