Monday, March 17, 2014

What a busy few months this has been for me. 

I started teaching a Flyball Foundations class. My students have progressed really well, and the student's parents are fantastic. I've been having a lot of fun with it :)

There's been a long lag in tournaments for me, so I've been taking this time to perfect my dog's box turns. With the freezing weather our hikes have practically stopped, but on the few nice days we've had lately, I've had them out & about on the trails. 

Baer's turns are beginning to look lovely again - her back feet are up high, her snap off looks nice, and she lands in a straight line from the box. Flash is still a bit stuck to the box when he hits, but I am giving him time to build some confidence so we're just focusing on the "fun" factor of it. 

A new exercise I've been doing with Baer, is to put her in a sit/stay at the third jump, go down to the box, and release her, while I start running away from the box. This has been building her speed off the box even more. I'm excited to see how our next tournament goes, which won't be until May.

I've decided that Flashy won't debut in the racing lanes until he is two years old - which gives us plenty of time to proof his techniques. Yes, he can run over four jumps, hit the box, grab the ball, and come over four jumps. But now is where the *serious* work comes in. 

:) Excited to see what potential my family has. 

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