Monday, October 15, 2012

Had to put our agility class back til the end of November.. I reviewed my tournament schedule and there's just no way. I'd be missing 3 out of 7 classes.. and you need 5 to move onto the next one. I want to see what we can accomplish with it.. so there's no way we're not moving on to the next!

I got to watch a competition level obedience course today, those dogs are GOOD. They listened to every cue, and followed their owner's every moment. Beautiful and quite the sight to see.

On the back burner is wondering if I could really ever get into tattooing... it's always been a personal dream, and if I ever am able to do it (as a side thing, of course. Nothing could replace my passion for dogs and working with them.) then I wouldn't do it for money- I'd do it for creating beauty on other's. I love my tattoos.. I want more, and I want to give them to others.

We'll see what I can do, I guess (:

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  1. It would be fun to get together a group of pet bloggers involved in flyball all at a tournament, especially one as exciting as the CanAm.

    Koira just takes a lot of training. And then more training. And then more training. All the result of poor training when we first started, before I knew anything about flyball, and when I listed to the wrong people.