Saturday, October 13, 2012

Very tired, I've got Yoga in the morning, but I wanted to get this out of the way before I forget.

Friday's practice went terrific, did some head to head racing and team racing over 3 jumps only to prepare for the Meet the Breeds event (Which I am so stoked for!)

Baer performed wonderfully, she was as excited as ever and really pushed herself this time, I could tell.

One thing I really want to do more of with her are restrained recalls. She pushes herself HARD to get to the box and ball, then pushes back to me but not as hard as I'd like.

I've watched her box turn- it's nice, all 4 feet off the ground, hell it's even tight. She doesn't waste much time there. She just needs to amp herself up more to get back to me. Then she'll be pulling off consistently lower times, I think. I want her to launch herself back to me like she does to the box, and I think restrained recalls will be the way to go.

Super happy that practice had no issues, and we both performed our best. Here's to next weekend in NYC with my friend and partner (: (and hubby too!)

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  1. I've always preferred to have a dog that is slow to the box and fast on the return, because it is so much easier to fix than the other way around. We did have some success with a dog on our team who was really slow on the return. We put a second flyball box in the runback area, so that she was running back to the box again. It did seem to speed her up some. We also set up lanes super close together and have dogs race (only dogs with no chasing issues, of course).