Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baer and her agility friend, Jada (:

I've started a training journal for Baer- finally! An official one.

Agility practice tonight was fantastic. Baer was REALLY on cue with everything I asked of her, and she was focused on me pretty much the entire time. Yayayayay. The only issue- she is having issues following my hand instead of looking to where she needs to go. Note to self.... somehow, some way, fix this.

 Nosework was equally fantastic. We were quick to find everything, and this was our first night pairing scents. Perfect performance from all of the dogs- we were all so happy.

All in all, Baer had no issues tonight, she was in a really great mood.

My night has been amazing- now I'm going to play mario kart wii with hubs and relax.

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