Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Infurno themed collar, to be worn at upcoming tournies ;)

What a BLAST the past few days have been! These pups keep me super busy, especially super hyper puppy. :)

I've decided I'm definitely going to do racing with Flash. It seems like it'd be a shame not to- he can do flyball, racing, and agility. Why not?! He's a little genius and such a budding athlete ;)

We have one week left before our next tournament. I'm super pumped because Baer will be start dog. With the knowledge of how the props need to be for her box turns, and all the conditioning we've been doing (and I'll step it up another notch this week as well), I think this will be her best tournament yet. I'm so psyched! Just have to get through this week :)

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