Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Such. A. Long. Day.

Got to work at 7:45am, which gave me a good half hour to run the dogs in the field. Worked 8:30-5:30, then did some training with Baer on the weave poles & basic obedience with Flash til 7pm, which then we had our agility class, THEN did teeter work with Baer & my friend's Aussie.

I am BEAT.

I'm grateful I get to go in late tomorrow, especially because it means we get to go on a HIKE in the morning!!

I'm thinking about taking the dogs to Harwinton, we haven't visited in a while and on a Thursday morning, it's bound to be empty.

So Mr. Flash likes to run through tunnels which I think is adorable. He even doesn't mind climbing half way up the A-Frame! 

So after he masters Sit, we will learn Down. But I also want to teach him to start getting body awareness. A fellow new whippet (mix) puppy owner taught her puppy to touch their front feet onto a paint can- I'm impressed and I want to do it with Flash too. 

But I can't help thinking about how people say you can't be a repetitive trainer with whippets. Baer is all about repetition- the more we repeat something, the more she remembers it and the more she's bound to get it right.

This will be a great, fun journey either way :)

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