Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ahh. The joy of having two dogs again.

It's raining. The puppy runs out, goes "Ugh, this sucks.", pees immediately, and runs inside with us.

The lab walks slowly out, goes "Ugh, this sucks.", and stares at me for ten minutes. She doesn't like to do her business when it's raining. Why torture us both?

Training every day, teaching Baer to get all 4 feet on a stool (she's getting there) for her core & strength training, and Flash I'm working now on getting him to do 2 on 2 off on the stool. Both showed progress today. I'm loving the clicker. They learn so fast, I'm used to it taking a while to teach a dog anything, prompting them to do shit and luring them into motions that they didn't understand. 

But now they understand immediately what I want from them. Because they're offering behaviors that makes them more self-aware, I think. They're wicked smart, because I'm encouraging them to think. Not be fearful, not be lured into anything time and time again, but think about their actions. Brilliance. Now if only I could get better at my shitty timing.

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