Friday, June 21, 2013


A woman uploads a photo of her extremely overweight black lab, then when people point out the dog is horribly overweight, she defiantly posts "No, he's not overweight, the vet said he's fine." for 15 minutes.

Seriously? You posted a photo of an overweight dog- I understand it may be "rude" for someone to point it out, but even then, honestly, you're an adult. You can handle it.

YOU have the power to control whether your dog is overweight or not- and if they are overweight and you're NOT over feeding them, and you ARE giving them plenty of exercise, then there is most likely a medical condition going on. So if your moron of a vet says, "No, the dog is fine." then obviously they have 1) no clue what they're talking about, and 2) you need to find a different vet who will tell it like it is, and help to find a cause to the problem.

Instead, someone clamps their hands over their ears and shouts "Lalalala". Seriously? I'm flabbergasted. I hate seeing overweight dogs- and I really hate when someone is in so much denial that they say their dog is not overweight.

Yes, yes it is. And by about 15 pounds by my guess.

The world is damned, and doomed.

Anyways, here's Mr. Flash! 17 weeks old, stacked. He's been raw fed since he was weened- he's quick as a bullet, smart as a whip, biddable, and loves people. He's my agility, flyball, and racing Whippet, and I love him.

From our 1.5 hour hike today. :) Tired never felt so good.

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