Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Strides- 7th session

Well, no noticeable improvements with the striding.

 Both dogs seemed kind of "meh" today during training, so I didn't push it and cut it short.

Right now I put one stride regulator 5' from the first jump, and then the second regulator 5' from the first regulator. I think I'm going to switch it up- move the first regulator 6' from the first jump (to encourage both front feet to make contact instead this weird skipping thing she does). Not sure what to do with the first regulator- she's not doing 3 strides TO the box and I'm doing a lot right now just to get 3 from the box, so we'll see.

Flashy seemed kind of out of it with the slant board. I'm going to take a break tomorrow and just do agility foundation work, to switch it up for him. But more than likely, I'll be doing the striding work with the jumps with Baer tomorrow.


  1. That is so weird how she skips partly through the stride regulators.

    Looking at your previous training sessions, it seems like, by starting farther back, she has more speed coming into the box, which is what is causing her to double stride to the box, launching from before the last bump, rather than taking three strides in, like she does in the earlier practice videos. So hard to try to correct all of the striding issues near the box at once, though.

    1. Yea, the inconsistency has made me go back a few steps in our training in order to get the foundation of the striding correct. Hopefully, starting at square one, we will get it right :)