Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well, dammit.

I need to get back to my 3 stride training with Baer. Today I just did a complex agility sequence with her, which consisted of seven jumps, a full set of weave poles, a tunnel, and a hoop.

The first round we did- she was beautiful. I did two front crosses, and followed me, we looked like a great team.

The other five tries were complete...well.... fuck ups, lol.

She was knocking bars, not following my cues (more likely, my cues were wrong) and just rushing. At least she was perfect going into & out of the weave poles, even with me moving far away.

And of course, I didn't record the first try which went perfect- because it was our "test" to see if she could do it. Silly me!

I have agility class tonight, for both dogs, which will keep me busy til 8. Tomorrow I want to take the dogs on a hike before work on Pie Hill, and then I'll do flyball work with both on my lunch. I'm trying to really keep us busy & active, and plan out the training sessions we will do.

Flash needs work on his "stays", box turns, and restrained recalls over jumps.

Baer needs box turn work, and 3 stride work.

And I need more time in the day!

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  1. Don't I know how you feel! Time just flies when I go to the agility club, it seems I never get to the bottom of my "very limited" to-do list. And there are so many things to train that didn't even get on the to-do list...
    I loved watching Baer's three-stride videos. I hope the behavior sticks!