Friday, August 3, 2012

Action shot!!

We got to Harwinton Rec around 9am this morning. There were a TON of children there, and so I took Baer to the far field to play with the ball and Chuck-it before we went on our hike to burn a little excess energy.

Then this little terrier mix comes barreling over, and the owner is shouting its name, and says to me "He can tend to not play nice", as I laughed I replied "Yea, mine too. They'll get over it." So I just told the dogs to mind their manners ("Leave it kids.") And they were fine. Sometimes you gotta remind the dogs, why YES, there is a human here who will not hesitate to step in and break you two up if you decide to act a fool.

And no one acted a fool (:

So then after the dog left, we played fetch for 20 mins, then went on the trail. Bugs were horrendous but the scenery was AMAZING. I absolutely love it at the Harwinton Rec. Lots of fresh water to play in, lots of trails to explore, and it's not too far out in the woods that it takes me forever to get back. We were done and home by 10:30, not bad at all.

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