Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Never stop bettering yourself.

And never feel ashamed to admit when you're wrong- it allows you to learn from your mistakes, and that is never something to be ashamed of.

We took the pups to Campbell Falls, CT yesterday! It was beautiful, but we couldn't find a solid trail to walk on. The falls were huge! But there was no clear path to the top, so we left after a while and went to Mohawk pond, where we all got to swim.

There, we ran into a GSD and a small terrier.... all 4 dogs had a good time running and playing in the water, and I got to swim for a while which felt FANTASTIC.

We are going back today, to swim and hike the trail that goes from the docks to the "cliffs." Very excited :)

Peace out cub scouts! Hope your day is fun and inspiring!

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