Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Beginnings.

Hello all!

Infurno's next tournament is in September, on Labor Day weekend, in Foxboro, MA. Quite exciting!

Baer may be start dog on our Regular 3 team. I'm very thrilled because 1) She'll be start dog and 2) the jump heights are only 8 inches. Now is the time for training and conditioning, I believe Baer has it in her to go below 4 seconds. Her drive is so intense, she just needs that extra oomph! in training.

This is also my new blog :) I figure with the start to my new job search, something else can commemorate it as well! Life is full of possibilities, but only as long as we are open to them and embrace them when they come along. I truly believe that in order to better ourselves as individuals, we have to explore every facet of what is out there for us. For me, a new job means a new beginning- a new start to bettering myself, learning more, creating opportunities for my small family to be successful, as well as everyone around me.

I hope anyone that stumbles along and finds this blog can find out more on dog sports, health and conditioning, and see my dog (and future dogs) as they progress in the world of canine competition.

It just takes training and dedication, and the pieces all fall together wonderfully.

Para (The Flyball Beast)

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