Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hiking again tomorrow. Lots of dogs, lots of people. It's supposed to be mucky but we got Byron some hiking boots today. Waterproof, too. This is going to be good (:

Apart from running some errands today, we've just been relaxing. Baer is acting very restless, I think it's from being put back on raw, her stomach feels empty. Bah. A treat run is in order tonight (lol I'm a sucker for her.)

Our flyball Christmas party is tomorrow. I'm so excited to see everyone again- last night's practice was fun, I can't wait for the party. I really do like everyone on my team.

So a little journal of how last night's practice went:

-During line jumping, Baer was being held by the same person who was holding a height dog on our team who is notorious for disliking other dogs. Baer was first in the run and she only focused on me- didn't even look at the other dog that was less than a foot away from her. I kept calling her name and swinging the tug and she didn't take her eyes off me once. Very good.

-Her box turns looked good- not as tight as I'd like them but we'll live for now. All four feet were on the box, and she pushed off well.

-She ran against a dog in a line up, she doesn't seem as fast at practice as she is at tournaments but I guess that's to be expected. But she was still quick, no doubt about it. A very successful practice in all.

Now off to practice some stuff for agility. Ciao! 

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