Sunday, December 23, 2012

We went on a lovely hike this morning. 2+ hours of climbing up and down rocky hills, some beautiful cliff views, and the dogs all got along and played nicely for the most part. 

 I originally thought this picture was of Baer jumping for joy.
Now I see it's because Yuna the Aussie is in front of her and Baer is trying to play. Lmao

Hiking is such a good work out (:

Baer found a stick to chew on. Even though it was still attached to the ground.

Tank (I think he may be mid-pee) but he has his sexy taco collar.

Find the boxer! And the shepherd!

Now find the Aussie!

Baer and Ruckus proving how obsessed a dog can be with a stick.

Oh, and Tank too.

My hubby, the dog whisperer!

6 dogs total :D

This hike was the perfect thing to help me feel refreshed. I work tomorrow and Christmas day (helping walk the dogs), and since I love my work, I'm stoked! 

I need to get back on the training wheel with Baer... I kind of fell off once the weekend hit. But that's alright, I have plenty of time the next two days.


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