Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm staying up late tonight! I feel like a rebel (normally I'm curled up in my heated blanket, passed out by now). My house needs a good scrubbing tomorrow, and the dog is going to get my version of a "spa works". Bathed (in a new fancy shmancy black-coat enhancing shampoo a friend at work gave me for Christmas. Coolest gift ever!), nails grinded, ears cleaned, teeth brushed. See, I do it for free at home and it's fun to me. I am a groomer at heart, after all. I also think when something looks good, they feel good. So maybe give Baer a little pick me up (:

I skipped Flyball practice tonight. My shoulders been messing with me for a few days, and I really cannot bring myself to risk actually hurting it. That'd be dumb. So I'm relaxing tonight (See, I can take care of myself too! haha)

Sunday I'm meeting with friends to practice some agility and play in the field. We also have our weekly hike that morning. I'm going to try and take more photos with hubby's camera. I'd love to have a professional camera. I think dog hiking photographs would turn out wonderfully.

Tonight's dinner? Ground turkey, chicken gizzards, and organic egg pooped out by a chicken at my work. 

And Nougat is as photogenic as ever. 

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